NTCF Chair - Joanna Santa Barbara
 📧 coordinator@nelsontasmanclimateforum.org
Joanna is our designated Chair. She brings us all together and holds the big picture in focus.

NTCF Coordinator - Marlene Moreau
📧 coordinator@nelsontasmanclimateforum.org
Marlene ensures the Forum community is running smoothly. She works closely with the Chair to send out meeting agendas, ensure minutes and submissions are shared, and welcome people to our hui.

NTCF Communications Manager - Aine Byrne
📧 ntclimateforum@gmail.com
Aine is our communication expert  behind the newsletter and our social media. She's always looking for stories to share about climate action in our community. 

NTCF Volunteer, Project and Funding Coordinator - Christina Simkanin
📧 community@nelsontasmanclimateforum.org
Christina welcomes new members and supports  volunteers across various groups and projects. She links up initiatives and ideas across the whole Forum, and helps transform these into action.