Do you have clothes needing to be repaired? Can’t be worn, but don’t want to throw out?

Are you skilled with a needle or a sewing machine? Able to help in any way, from sewing buttons to replacing zips?

Then we’d love you to join us for a repair café with Community Art Works (CAW), where we can share our skills and resources to bring some love to clothes needing repair. CAW is an amazing space - a world of wonders within the green shed in the picture.

There is so much waste in the world – this is one little step – to be able to fix things rather than throwing them out. We are starting with clothes given the growing focus on the environmental impact of the fashion industry (e.g. Stuff, Oct 2019: Fashion’s toll on the environment).

Cost: koha to help support CAW.

RSVP essential: Please let us know if you can come, and if you are coming with things to repair or to help with repairs, or a bit of both. Email to or message me on Ning.

Also - let us know what else you would like to see: We are building on the experience of other repair cafes, and keen to understand what more is needed in our region so that repairing is an easy and cheap option. So also please let us know if you have an interest in repair cafes for other items, at other times or in other areas - or if you have ideas for other initiatives in this space. This will help us work out what next.

For the Reuse and Repair team – Resources and Waste subgroup

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  • Looking forward to checking out the cafe tomorrow.  I have limited skills with a needle, but keen to learn more :-) 

  • Looking forward to the repair cafe on Sunday. I've just gone through my mending pile - includes a couple of bags with handles needing to be reattached, a pair of jeans needing a beautiful patch and a washing bag needing the seams restitched. If you haven't already, please let me know if you are coming, with things to repair, to help repair or (like me) both.8032549495?profile=RESIZE_710x

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