This catch up is in-person at a Nelson cafe. Please let us know if you can make it.

We'd also love to hear from you if you can't make it this time but are interested in finding out more or joining us.


Worried about all the stuff that we buy then throw out, with all the resources and energy wasted?

Wish there were more local options to avoid buying new – instead sharing, repairing and rehoming? 

Join us in the Reuse and Repair Action Group as we look at initiatives to make it easier to for everyone to make the most of the resources we have in our community.

The key actions we are looking at:

• Compile a resource directory of current initiatives on reuse, repair, recyclingrot - so people can easily find out how to reduce waste and maximise resources.
• Identify gaps that result in significant waste to landfill then advocate for change (egConsumer NZ campaign Built to Last; BIFL - buy it for life)
• Support/create community forums for exchange/borrow/rent of items, rather than having to buy (eg. Facebook groups, Mutu)
• Work with the community to support/expand the development of community reuse and repair facilities (eg. repair cafes).
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  • Unfortunately I can't get along to this as I have a photoshoot. I've suggested to Faye and Communty Art Works (81 Achilles Ave) that we hold Repair workshops there (Faye used to be a seamstress), primarily for mending clothes to start with so it would be good to get her involved here.

  • I'd love to join this conversation, but unfortunately cannot make it this week.

    I'm really keen to find a platform to set up a neighbourhood sharing scheme. I did some research on this over lockdown.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything helpful!  Only options at the moment seem to be a Facebook page, or perhaps a Google spreadsheet.  Mutu might fill the gap, but it seems more focused on a bigger market and making money from items (rather than just sharing with your close neighbours).  Something to follow with interest anyway, and perhaps we could help them shape it into something that works for us?

    Otherwise, perhaps a project for us might be to create a set of resources that would allow a community to set up a sharing scheme?

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