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Here is a link to an active regenerative farming group.  I have subscribed to any regenerative farming tours available in our region.  Maybe I will see some of you their when they happen.




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The first version of our "Weaving Plan" was presented at our July Hui and is available HERE.

The Weaving Plan is an internal document, designed to help Forum groups work collaboratively to support the weaving of our communities around urgent and stra

Our May 2021 hui was held at the Moutere Hills Community Centre on Saturday 22nd May, 2021. 

At the hui, we selected our new Forum Chair and Leadership Group for the next 6 months. 

Congratulations to Joanna Santa Barbara, our new chair, and to all t

We had a jam-packed agenda for our March hui on Wednesday 10th March 2021 via Zoom, here are the highlights:

  1. We reached consensus on the changes to pages 18 and 19, and a small wording adjustment on page 23 of the Climate Action Book. The Climate Ac

Active transport. Ways of moving around that involve our own effort - walk, run, bicycle, scooter, skate.

Biodiversity The variety of plant, fungal and animal life in an area.

Biogenic Produced by living processes. In this context the word distinguis

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Please share and recommend resources here that are of interest to the whole Forum. 

Share materials that enable us to fulfill our purpose of weaving individuals, households, civil society organisations, businesses, councils and iwi together around urgent, strategic action on climate change in the Nelson-Tasman region. 

These may include both resources created by  NTCF participants and also external material. They may be works of art, books, papers, videos, podcasts, webinars, weblinks etc.

Resources that are primarily of interest at the group level should be posted in the Project Documents of the  relevant group.   

When you share a resource here, please make your write-up interesting and relevant to audiences beyond our NTCF membership. This is important because the resources posted here appear in a feed on the public front page of our website. 

Please choose a category (NTCF or External) and use tags when you add a new resource. Choose the EXTERNAL category for any resource that was not created by members of the Forum. 

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