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Active transport. Ways of moving around that involve our own effort - walk, run, bicycle, scooter, skate.

Biodiversity The variety of plant, fungal and animal life in an area.

Biogenic Produced by living processes. In this context the word distinguishe

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This is a Flood Models Map for Nelson City for the year 2100, with a sea level rise of 1m. It's an interactive map .... find it here in the Nelson City Council website

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Have you ever wondered how your internet use impacts the climate? Information and Communication Technology (ICT) users vary widely in their electricity consumption and carbon emissions. The size of your carbon footprint is closely connected to how

Click to download a Powerpoint Presentation given by Bruno Lemke on behalf of the Science, Technology, and Research Group at the Forum hui on August 18th

The aim of the presentation  was to help the Forum develop a regional climate action plan by sho

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Share materials that enable us to fulfill our purpose of weaving individuals, households, civil society organisations, businesses, councils and iwi together around urgent, strategic action on climate change in the Nelson-Tasman region. 

These may include both resources created by  NTCF participants and also external material. They may be works of art, books, papers, videos, podcasts, webinars, weblinks etc.

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