Active transport. Ways of moving around that involve our own effort - walk, run, bicycle, scooter, skate.

Biodiversity The variety of plant, fungal and animal life in an area.

Biogenic Produced by living processes. In this context the word distinguishes methane produced from living processes, either ruminant animal digestion or rotting plants, from methane as a fossil fuel, tapped in wells in the Earth’s crust.

Carbon footprint The amount of carbon dioxide equivalent released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular process, material, individual, organization, or community.

Circular economy A system in which there is no waste from the processes of producing materials for human needs. Waste from one process becomes feedstock or energy input for another.

EV Electric vehicle - cars or trucks.

Exotic forests Forests of non-native trees.

Insurance retreat A term used in the context of sea level rise where the risk to property leads to refusal of normal insurance.

Just transition During the transition of our economy to a net zero carbon economy, impacts will fall unevenly on different segments of the population. Social justice requires that this be taken into account so people don’t suffer unfairly for the sake of all of us.

Mātauranga Māori Māori knowledge

NERO Net Enduring Restorative Outcome. A criterion to apply to any proposed action: will it, on balance, have a lasting restorative effect on the web of life, including humans?

Net Energy Analysis is an engineering process of determining the energy produced by a technology or system relative to the energy required to produce it.

Resilience The ability to “bounce back” to adequate function and structure after an adverse impact.

Sequestration This word literally means “to set apart”. In this context it refers to any process whereby greenhouse gases are stably held apart from the atmosphere, for example in the living matter of forests.

Tangata whenua Literally means “people of the land” and refers to Māori belonging to a certain area.

Tikanga Customary and correct values and practices.

Te Ao Māori Literally means ‘the Māori world’; Māori world-view.

Te Taiao Environment, Nature.

Te Tauihu The bow or prow, short for Te Tauihu o te Waka (the prow of the canoe) a name for the Top of the South Island.

Web of Life The concept that every life form - microbe, plant, fungus, animal (including humans) is intricately interconnected and that they form a whole.

Wellbeing State of being healthy and happy.

Wellbeing economy An economic system focused on the wellbeing of the biosphere and its people, rather than on growth.


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