Mutu is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that allows individuals & businesses to rent, lend, hire & share assets & equipment with people in their community. 

Recently launched! This kiwi innovation is worth checking out as a means of reducing wasteful ownership.
Mutu is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that allows individuals & businesses to rent, lend, hire & share assets & equipment with people in their community.


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  • A Mutu update - someone is going to rent some of the items I listed! This is a first for Nelson.

    Connected to this, the founder of Mutu, Toby, called me. We talked about promoting Mutu in Nelson - and so he is going to Zoom into the next Resource and Waste group meeting, 9am, Thursday 10 December.

    if you are interested in chatting with Toby, please join us at this meeting, via Zoom or in person at the Earth Hub. 

  • I've had a go at putting things on Mutu - see the screenshot of what I've put up on offer. No takers yet...Interested to see how this works and if we should focus on Mutu or another platform for sharing. 

    Mutu suggested that any electrical appliances should be tested and tagged - and so plan to have someone to test and tag (for a small charge) at the November repair cafe on 22 November. Still working out details then will put up an event.


  • This looks like an interesting platform.  I've been looking for something like this, to set up a neighbourhood sharing scheme. 

    I've had no luck so far finding a suitable platform, website or system.  I'm not sure if Mutu will fill the gap completely, as it seems very focused on making money from items (rather than just sharing with your close neighbours), but I'll follow with interest.

    If it's not suitable, perhaps a a project for us might be to create a set of resources that would allow a community to set up a sharing scheme?

    • Hi Michael, I'm really keen to see something in this space too. In Canberra, I was part of a Buy Nothing Facebook group (

      ) and that worked really well - a very local focus, so a managable number of posts and nice community feel - lots of sharing and made a difference. I'd also tried Freecycle (giving, not sharing, and too many emails as covered the whole of Canberra - was a group in Nelson but doesn't look like it is active) and other Facebook groups for buy/swap/sell (my experience was too large an area, too many posts, lots of selling things and not a commitment to sharing or reducing).

      I would love to be part of a project looking at setting up a sharing scheme. This is part of what we are interested in the Reuse and Repair Action Group, but that has not focussed on this yet. I'll bring up at the Resources and Waste Subgroup meeting today too. Maybe should set up a meeting to discuss the ideas and promote to see who is interested?

      In the meantime, I am going to give Mutu a go and see how that works - not the complete answer, but might be useful still.


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      Buy Nothing: Give Freely. Share creatively. Find your hyperlocal group and join us today!
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