Meet David Ayre of the NTCF Leadership Group


We appointed a new leadership group at our last hui. Our Comms Manager, Áine Byrne, has started a process of  interviewing all the members. Her latest interview is with  David Ayre, who contributed to the Climate Action Book. He's also a doting grandfather who makes creating a better world fun for his granddaughters!

How would you describe the Forum in one sentence?

A regional group of people concerned about the way our civilisation is changing our climate and taking actions to reduce those changes.

What strengths/skills do you hope to bring to the position?

I see our lives as one part of a wonderful natural world, I like working with people, I have a good background in science & IT & logical thinking & problem solving, and I don't give up easily.

What do you do in your daily life that reflects the principles of the charter?

I live in a simple and local way, and watch my impact on the world. I'm a vegetarian, I live about 25 minutes walk from the centre of Nelson, walk there or beyond most days, and do as many things as I can on foot in Nelson, or by foot and bus in the Nelson & Richmond area. I try not to fly. I create as little waste as I can, and enjoy seeing where I can make things stretch to last longer.

What would you say are the Forum’s biggest challenges?

Working at a point in time when we have reached many of the limits of our planet and need to make major changes, taking actions in a healthy and flexible and adaptable way, and keeping a clear focus on them for the long time that is needed.

Where do you think the Forum could improve?

I think it is important to work on both the short term aspects of this, recognising and accepting these major changes and getting them underway, at the same time as building long term resilience and keeping ourselves mentally healthy as we change direction. It is very important to work to create good spaces for action, and good spaces for thought and planning and reflection, and it is very important to stay connected and to reach each other.

What are the Forum’s greatest achievements?

Creating a regional focus on the changes that need to happen, and bringing the thoughts and ideas of several hundred diverse people into a single Climate Action Book that is a good summary of where we are and what we need to do.

What do you perceive to be the biggest climate change threats/issues that need immediate attention in the region?

Accepting that this a problem at the level of needing to change to live within the limits of the planet, and that this goes well beyond Business As Usual.

Are you a member of any other not for profits/groups/boards?

Friends of the Maitai

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spending time with my partner Alison, family and friends here, and overseas via the internet; quiet reflection and exercise, often at the same time, learning, trying new ideas, stories, real and fiction, staying focused on my two sons and their families, who are all overseas, looking at interesting ways to show my two grand daughters how we can create a better world.