Breaking Boundaries

David Attenborough’s has been in the public eye for 70+ years, but only recently has he started talking explicitly about the climate emergency confronting us all. In last year’s  A Life on Our Planet, he presented a“witness statement” on the environmental degredation he has documented over his lifetime. He pulled on political and personal levers to compel us to act. Now, in his latest film for Netflix, Attenborough focuses solely on the facts.

Breaking Boundaries is unusual because it features little of Attenborough and few animals. Instead, he painstakingly documents the extent of Earth’s degradation, and the catastrophic consequences of anything but urgent action.

Attenborough shares the limelight with  Johan Rockström, the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who explains what may be “the most important scientific discovery of our time”. In 2009, Rockström identified nine natural processes upon which all life on Earth depends, and the limits within each that cannot be exceeded without endangering humanity.