First Repair Cafe event a great success

Our Resources & Waste Group hosted our very first 'Repair Cafe' event on Sunday, focused on clothes and fabrics. It was a very satisfying afternoon, with about 10 people dropping by to tackle a range of repairs - fixing shorts and a dress, resoling slippers, reattaching a saddlebag, replacing a zip, as can be seen in the pictures here.

Thanks to everyone who supported this wonderful event, including Faye and Community Art Works for hosting. 

Faye had a very impressive box of zippers - a reminder of the value of things that others might throw out. When your favourite jeans are beyond repair, there is still value in the zips, buttons and fabric, to give new life to something else.

We talked about ideas for another repair cafe in November - bringing together people with skills on repair and those who have things to repair. Please contact Julie Evans to let her know what would be of value to you, to fix things that might otherwise be unused or discarded - clothes, kitchen gadgets, garden tools, technology - what is in your mending pile or fix-it cupboard?

You can message Julie Evans via Ning, or send her an email at: