Tasman Environmental Plan's presentation

The recording of this meeting will be soon available on our Youtube channel, and a submission is being prepared aiming for a Forum endorsement. If you would like to share your comments on this Tasman Environmental Plan, please connect with the team working on it by emailing Marlene, the coordinator at: coordinator@nelsontasmanclimateforum.org10886306485?profile=RESIZE_584x

In 2020, TDC asked us to share our views and experiences on the District’s environmental and development issues and opportunities.

As a result of this first inquiry, they now have some draft options to consider around how we grow as a District, how our places look and feel, and how to care for our environment. More info here: https://shape.tasman.govt.nz/environmentplan. There are several online and face to face community meetings planned between now and the closing date for submissions (12 December). The TDC website provides details of these.

We asked TDC staff for an online meeting focused on Tasman’s issues and options for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and for how we might address them through the TEP. This happened this Tuesday, the 22th of November (7 -8 pm). TDC staff have made a presentation, focused on the main discussion paper "Managing Tasman's Environment and Development". This has been followed by a Q&A session.

More info on this submission available here: https://nelsontasmanclimateforum.ning.com/submission-opportunities/tasman-environment-plan